About Us

Blueprints to Manage, Lead, Grow, and Protect Your Organization. ™

A Few Words About US

We are a growing group of professionals through out the United States dedicated to providing your managers the tools, training and blueprints to Manage, Lead, Grow and Protect your organization.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 50 years of combined experience in the leadership development industry with our executive staff alone, not including the subject matters experts and facilitators.
  • More than 99.1% “met or exceeded” expectations with our clients via mandatory surveys.
  • A first in our industry, Our “Completion Guarantee”, contact us for further details.
  • Another first in our industry, Our“Replacement Guarantee”, contact us for further details.
  • Another rare offer within our industry, Our “Satisfaction Guarantee”, contact us for further details.
  • Flexible scheduling and options for the busy manager.
  • Three methods of Accountability, including an online automatic mentoring system designed to maximize participant growth and ROI.
  • No hidden fees or obligations when “test driving” our courses or materials.

Our Advantages

Flexible Training Options

We understand that managers and supervisors are extremely busy and need flexibility. Below are a few general descriptions of your options.

  • Our Public sessions, designed to maximize the manager’s learning experience and ROI.
  • Our In-house sessions, designed to maximize existing corporate systems with our Blueprints training.
  • Our Participant Portal, designed for all Blueprints for Managers participants to provide access to the existing tools, training and Blueprints from our course.
  • Our On-line Education System , designed for existing clients with managers/ supervisors in remote locations. This ensures that your entire company team has access to the same training.
  • Our Train Your Trainer Program, designed to provide your In-house trainer the tools, training and Blueprints to implement this system into your organization, saving your organization “Time, Money and Effort” in delivering In-house training.

Ensuring the Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction

“Met or Exceeded Expectations” in more than 99.1% of our client surveys.

Referrals are the “life blood” of our business and exceeding expectations are one of the easiests ways of obtaining client referrals. We treat all of our clients with a “lifetime” value, ensuring that we stay on the cutting edge and are the number one choice for developing your managers and supervisors.

Ensuring the Highest Level of Quality in Our Course Materials

ISO 9001 Compliant – Our organization’s dedication to obtain the highest quality in our course materials is our commitment to you. In this commitment, we implemented ISO 9001 and are ISO 9001 compliant within our organization.