Blueprints to Manage, Lead, Grow, and Protect Your Organization. ™

A manager develops people
Through the way we manage we make it easy or difficult for them to develop themselves. We direct people or misdirect them. We bring out what is in them or we stifle them. We strengthen their integrity or we corrupt them. We train them to stand upright and strong or we deform them… whether we know it or not.”

Dr. Peter Drucker

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: “How do we know that your training will work within our organization ?”

A.: We don’t. That’s why we offer a risk-free no obligation “test drive” to see if our Tools, Training and Blueprints will work within your organization. Contact us for more details.

Q.: “What’s the cost ?”

A.: Most organizations consider training an investment, not a cost. In fact, there is a direct correlation between highly successful organizations and those organizations that invest more than 4% of their payroll into training your people. Since managers are responsible for nearly 70% of your employee turn-over, we believe that teaching them how to Manage, Lead, Grow and Protect your organization will more than pay for the investment into this course.

Q.: “We tried training and did not work…how is yours different ?”

A.: Our training is a unique process and not a single event. To be effective and obtain a Return on Investment, the training needs to ongoing with accountability and a commitment to the process. Our participant portal is designed to provide ongoing resources and accountability long after the participant has completed the courses.

Q.: “Where are we going to find the time ?”

A.: As a manager, you make time for priorities. Although our program is designed to fit into your busy schedule, If a manager can not strategically plan to be at a training session and “sharpen their saw” on a scheduled basis, then they REALLY need this course.

Q.: “Isn’t our organization too small ?”

A.: Consider this: If an organization has 50 managers and 5 of them don’t have the tools, training and blueprints to be successful then that’s a costly 10% of the management team. However, if there are 4 managers and 2 of them don’t have the tools, training and Blueprints to be successful then that’s a profit killing 50% of your team that is costing bottom-line profits.

Q.: “What can our participants expect to learn?”

A.: This course contains more than 140 key profit producing improvements, in the areas of Managing, Leading, Growing and Protecting your oranization.