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Not employed or "on your own"?

The Blueprints for Managers on-line webinar certification is a great way to Supercharge your career. If you do not have a corporate sponsor paying for the course, please click below to schedule a discreet conversation on how you can participant in our live Blueprints for Managers Course.


More about the on-line course.

  • Meet online once a month for roughly 4 hours.
  • Will be on-line with other managers from around the USA.
  • Usually meet during working hours, 8:30-12:30 am central USA time.
  • If monthly workshop is missed, you can catch up with recording.
  • Monthly payment plans available.

The live webinar option was perfect for our company. With so many of our branch managers located in regions that do not have a public class, we were able to train the rest of our managers through the online (Blueprints for Managers Course) class.

James B

Owner, Oil & Gas Service company

Times are changing in the training world

According to the findings of a study conducted by Wainhouse Research, commissioned by Citrix Online, 51% of 533 respondent trainers believe webinars are more or just as effective as in-person trainings or workshops, and another 36% believe webinars are almost as effective.  Our Blueprints for Managers Course participants have been pushing for this online webinar option for years.


I save about 8 hours of drive time when I login to the live Blueprints webinar session.  I’m glad they added this option to the course.

Sandra H.

project manager, Contruction

People are busy!

Driving into a leadership development course like the Blueprints for Managers course can be a challenge for remotely located managers. With our live webinar option, they can log on with their current class members and receive the same live interaction they would in the physical classroom. 


Same exact Blueprints for Managers Course

With more than 99.8% of our participants writing that the Blueprints for Managers Course “met or exceeded” their expectations in our public class, we are confident that our live class webinar format will provide the same Return on Investment. Our course facilitator will coordinate your live interaction with the course participants via the ZOOM App.

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  • Attendee raise hand: Increase attendee engagement by allowing virtual hand-raising.
  • Attention indicator: Track how engaged your audience is with your content and which viewers show the most interest.
  • Participant can attend our Blueprints for Managers Course via computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. 


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